You can say anything by looking at this car it looks like a Batman car and based on its latest design it is a car that goes straight up without a runway which has been successfully tested in Dubai. 

It is made by British company BellWether and its half-scale model has shown the expected results in a test flight, the video of which will amaze you. It is called Wooler EVTOL.  Experts are calling it a hypercar. Despite flying at half size, it has pleased scientists and engineers. Viewers are introduced to its design and beauty. Theoretically, it can travel at an altitude of about 3000 feet at a speed of 135 (215 kilometers) miles per hour.

The eco-friendly, lightning-fast, and silent wheeler operates and flies entirely with electric energy. According to the company, the first model was ready in November 2021.  The company was just looking for a better opportunity and now it has been blown up in Dubai and its first video has been released.  This video has been released from B Weather’s official YouTube account.

Automobile analysts have described its design, utility, and performance as impressive and promising.  It can be seen upside down in the video but it is seen swaying here and there instead of being upright in the air. This error will probably be fixed in the next steps.

The Wolverine is technically a multicopter ride with its fans hidden inside its design.  But no additional propulsion has been reported.  However, the design is a double-edged sword.  But according to the company, the next design will be able to seat four to five people. Once charged, it will be able to fly for an hour and a half.  The company has not stated any price for it but has stated that commercial production will start in 2028.