You may have heard of the famous European artist Rembrandt. One of his masterpieces is the Night Watch, a beautiful combination of color, light, and situation. It now has a highly detailed digital image with a volume of 717 gigapixel.

This is the most detailed digital copy ever made by any European artist.
The painting is housed in the famous Amsterdam Museum, which attracts a a large number of people.

This painting, made in 1642, depicts the life of this period in which the ruler of the city is also prominent. This creation was called Night Watch. The image is 717 gigapixels and is claimed to be the most detailed and descriptive digital image of a famous painter.  For this, 8439 individual photographs have been taken from one corner. Each image is 100 megapixels.

When the individual pieces of the image became part of a computer algorithm, it became a huge canvas of 717 billion pixels.  This way you can zoom in on each corner of the image. But according to experts, when the audience sees it, they will appreciate the artist’s skill. This is how color pieces and other details come to light under the microscope.

Special cameras and devices have been created for digital photography that shows this masterpiece in more detail.