Samsung Introduces all in one Lightweight HD Video Projector,

Samsung has developed an all-around round box-like projector that can be carried anywhere and installed.  The 180-degree rotating projector can display a 100-inch-long film on the wall, display happy birthday messages, and fill the room with colorful dancing lights.

It has been dubbed the Freestyle Projector and is priced at $899 which can be pre-ordered.  The projector with many features weighs only 830 grams and can display 30 to 100 inch HD images and videos on the wall.  The projector emits 550 lumens of light, which can display a 1080 pixel image and video, making the darkroom a cinema.

The same projector is also fitted with 360-five-watt speakers that emit music and colorful inks from above make the birthday or celebration even more enjoyable in the house.  Its sensitive mic works under your voice.

The projector can be connected to HDMI and USB jack for video or photos.  Samsung TV software has been used to run it.  This means that it is now possible to watch Netflix and YouTube movies with the help of projectors